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Quick start guide to Composer , The dependency manager for PHP

Dependency management became crucial in development process this days . It will help you manage your application dependencies effectively and stay away from outdated...
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API Security Checklist

API security is probably one of the most important aspects that you, as a developer, can think of before releasing your API. Well, our...
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shhhh , your server talk too much

Information gathering is the most essential part of any hacking/penetration testing operations , you can’t hack or found vulnerability in system or server you...
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Are your SSL Secure ? Protect it against MITM SSL Attack

SSL is a great way to encrypt and protect data transferred between servers or between browser and servers from any attempt to spy on...
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How to secure your mysql server installation

Mysql Server is the most popular database in the planet , its stable and free and well documents and has a wide support in...
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TOR Launches encryption based chat client

We have a big news for all privacy lovers , Tor project officially launched its beta version of their new anonymous chat client that...
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