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Top 18 cyber-security breaches in 2018

Nowadays, our entire lives seem to be online. From the name to phone number to credit card data and even social security numbers. So...
Shieldfy Team
5 min read

Security breach puts data of millions of Chinese job…

Imagine looking for a job, minding your own business and BAAAM! Your personal info is on display for everyone to see… Well, that’s exactly...
Shieldfy Team
1 min read

Lesson learned from reddit recent hack and data breach

Recently reddit disclose a secuity breach , hacker managed to get some user data including some current email addresses  and salted and hashed passwords...
Shieldfy Team
1 min read

TOR Launches encryption based chat client

We have a big news for all privacy lovers , Tor project officially launched its beta version of their new anonymous chat client that...
Eslam Salem
28 sec read