Is my container cluster that secure!!

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Every day in the technology world there is a new buzzword, and with new buzzwords comes new responsibilities.

How to understand the technology? Why it’s going to be useful for us, and How to implement it correctly avoiding the clutter of building software and make it secure. In the following article, we are going to illustrate some of these concerns and answer them.

Why you need to care about your Software Cluster security?

Building a reliable secure software can be sometimes a pain for developers unless they have the right mindset and tools to do it.

Most of the Software developer seeks Scalability, Security and Performance, and today the software industry is moving now to the DevOps culture and microservice architecture to achieve some of these goals for there business.

But everything comes with a price, security can sometimes become a challenge, Unless you provide a good procedure to follow and standardize your software building they won’t lose their way.

Steps to follow while considering your Software cluster?

To build a Containerized app, you start by Choosing a base Docker image such as alpine, then start installing your dependencies on it, then start activating your source files and mapping ports from the container

to the outside world.

Choosing a good image source from a known trusted source such Docker hub registry is really important to avoid in security flaws and errors inside the container.

Following a good procedure during the SDLC, such as Software testing, and Secure code review to avoid any unnecessary mistakes during the development and enforce your security controls inside your application.

Vulnerability analysis and scanning for you container image and Network cluster, isolate the containers and ports from accessing unauthorized services and data.

Enforce SELinux and enhance your Container kernel security with Linux Capabilities and the use of Namespace, by following a good standard/procedure to harden your system (CIS benchmark can be a good reference).

Use a secret management tool to safely inject your secrets into containers instead of hardcoding secrets.

Use a good Firewall with ACL to limit access to only authenticated users inside your Software cluster and map an access control Matrix to the privileged authorized users.

Enforce your security controls inside your infrastructure itself by using Operation monitoring tools, Intrusion detection systems, Security information and event management systems to detect as possible all threats and attacks inside your Network and Systems.

Use a good prevention mechanism to avoid any External or Internal threats such as AV, Sandboxes.

Building a Secure Software is a mindset, after all, you need to have a good procedure to follow and checklist to make sure everything is set right and not missing.

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