Shieldfy new updates

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Hello Shieldfy Followers ,

We are very excited to announce that shieldfy has a new amazing updates. We would like to share it with you.

1. On boarding improvements :-

We made a lot of improvements in the on boarding , now users can easily start their first application in just a few steps. create , integrate and verify the installation by sending sample attack and detect it.



2. Vulnerabilities in third party libraries  :-

We have a new feature for Packages/Libraries Vulnerabilities called “Libraries “. Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities is one of the new OWASP top 10 risks for web applications. Now with shieldfy you can connect your Github repository and Shieldfy will detect if there is any vulnerable package/library you are using. Shieldfy will continue watching your library every time you push a new library to your code.



3. Slack integration :-

Slack is widely used by teams around the world , we at shieldfy loves slack and we know you are too. So we add a Slack notification integration. now you can receive attacks ,vulnerabilities and unsafe libraries/packages alerts immediately on your slack channel .

To view all the changes we made , we invite you to register/login  and don’t forget to give us your feedback.


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