How Shieldfy Works

Integrate Shieldfy SDK.

Use your favourite package manager to install shieldfy SDK. and load Shieldfy in your code with the app key and secret
see Docs for more details.

composer require shieldfy/shieldfy-php-client






Shieldfy agent loads before your application and analyze all traffic.

Shieldfy analyze user behaviour on your website , all steps he make all requests to your website to detects threats as it happens.

The analysis preformed locally at your server to protect users privacy , the SDK connects to our api to preform rules update and when reporting threats.

View threats and all dangerous activities.

With each threat detected, we capture all the details that you need to know. Starting from the OS and the device to the steps hacker made to try exploit this vulnerability.

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More than 500,000 attack are blocked by shieldfy and counting

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