What is Shieldfy ?

Security Monitoring &
Protection for your web app

Shieldfy allows you to detect vulnerabilities in both development & production and help you fix it.

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Why Shieldfy ?

All you need to be protected
Deep analysis of your code
Shieldfy analyzes the application in runtime to find any weakness in your code with nearly no performance impact or CPU/Memory overhead.
No false positives
Shieldfy blocks the request based on your code reaction to the attack not in blind signature based blocking.
Protect your privacy
Shieldfy processing of data and code is all done on your own server; no sensitive information that belongs to our clients is transmitted to our servers.

Built for developers

Get started in less than
3 minutes.

  • Install Shieldfy package.
  • Start monitoring for security events.
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Real-time application

Shieldfy monitors all requests and your code to see how it reacts.
When an attack is spotted, Shieldfy blocks it and sends you information about it, including every action the hacker performed, since he landed on your website, helping you reproduce the issue.

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