Catch vulnerabilities before hackers do

Automate your code security review with
Shieldfy security assistant.

Detect & fix vulnerabilities fast with
Shieldfy security assistant.

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Shieldfy security assistant
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Monitor your team commits

Our security bot will monitor every commit, pull request to check it for vulnerabilities - Read more

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Automatic fix & remediation

The security bot can go beyond detection, it suggests a fix for common vulnerabilities - Read more

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Collaborate with your team

You can mention Shieldfy security bot, ask it for details or ask it to generate a fix. Ask and it will respond - Read more

Automated bot to take care of your code security

Quickly find and fix code security issues

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Automated 24/7 monitoring

Instantly get notified whenever there's a security issue in your code.

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Smart code fix and modifications

Our bot will try to generate a fix for the issue and provide maximum compatibility with the rest of the code.


Stay focused on the logic.
Let us help with the security.

You have tons of code to write, review and deploy. Stop worring about dependencies vulnerabilities, database injection bugs or even a bad filteration of user inputs. Add our security bot to your team.

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