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How Can Shieldfy Help You?

See what is happening on your website.

We provide you with details about every threat , including every step hacker did since he landed on your web application what type of browser & os he uses and where is he came from.
Also what he did on your website to find a weakness and hist attempts to exploit this weakness.

That insights help you to find weakness and vulnerabilities faster.

Protect your application in run-time

Shieldfy protect the application in run-time , it monitors the behaviour of your web application users , and the application response to users action .. with this data Shieldfy can identify real threats and prevent it with nearly zero false positive.

Put your eyes on what's important

Shieldfy identify the real-threats that will affect your web application if it passed. Provides you with the data you need to fix the weakness fast like:

  • The exact steps hacker did to find this vulnerability.
  • All the attack information , and hacker information.
  • Your web application code & behaviour that hacker tried to exploit.

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