Build Secure Web Applications.

Prevent Hacking and Improve Your Code Security.

All you need to be Protected

Real-time Application Protection

Shieldfy Monitor all requests and Monitor your code to see how it react. When spot attack , Shieldfy blocks it and send you information about it including every step hacker did since he landed on your website to help you re-produce the issue.

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Find Vulnerabilities fast

Shieldfy monitor your code in the run-time analyzing the it's calls and flow to find weakness and vulnerabilities in the code. When shieldfy spot a vulnerability it shows you all the information you need to fix it. The exact file and line number of the vulnerability , the full stack trace for the code and recommendations how to fix it.

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Why Shieldfy ?

Protect your privacy

Shieldfy main processing done on your own servers , no senstive user information hits our servers

Nearly no false positives

Shieldfy analyze your code flow to block only dangerous attacks that hits senstive operations like DB , Files , Memory .. etc.

Ultra fast processing

We enhanced Shieldfy alot to maximize preformance of the analyzing and minimize the overhead. You will not notice that shieldfy is here .

Made for developers

We enhanced the SDK to be easy to install and activate like any other library , in the same time we made it highly customizable for developer to control everything.

Built for developers

Shieldfy made by developers for developers

We do our best to make it as easy and fast as possible to install and activate Shieldfy.

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composer require shieldfy/shieldfy-php-client


$shieldfy = \Shieldfy\Guard::init([
    'app_key'       => '<app_key>',
    'app_secret'    => '<app_secret>'

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