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1 Write code, commit and push your code to the git provider

Write your code as you are used to do and push it to your git hosting provider.

2 The Git provider will notify Shieldfy about the push.

Your git hosting provider will send a webhook to Shieldfy to let us know about your push.
Shieldfy supports all major GIT hosting (Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab).

3 Shieldfy will clone your repository in Isolated container and start analysis

Shieldfy automatically spinning up docker container bundled with our analyzer and clone your code inside the isolated container and start the analysis. The container is removed after the analysis.

4 Shieldfy will report back to the git provider CI with the result as well your email

You will see the result directly into your GIT CI so you can act on it, and you will get notified by email too.

5 You can access the result any time via Shieldfy dashboard

Any time you can access your dashboard at Shieldfy, you will see all information regarding your repositories security according to your data retention plan.

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