How shieldfy works ?

Shieldfy security assistant work as a virtual security assistant for your security needs.

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1. Connect your repository

Connect Shieldfy with your personal or organization github account.


2. Activate Shieldfy assistant on your repo(s)

Activate Shieldfy on one or more your repositories by just one click.


3. Interact with Shieldfy anywhere

Shieldfy will reach you on dashboard, email and github. and you can interact with Shieldfy on the dashboard or through github pullrequest comments.


Connect shieldfy with your favourite tools.

Don't leave your current tools, Integrate Shieldfy with your current development eco-system.


Add Shieldfy assistant bot to your github repos.

Slack soon

Communicate with Shieldfy assistant bot directly from your slack channel.


Trello soon

Invite Shieldfy assistant bot to your trello board.

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let the security era begin