Shieldfy Security WIKI

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Prototype Pollution

Object prototype pollution in javascript

1 entry

Cross Site Request Forgery

Attack that forces the victim to perform unwanted actions.

1 entry

Cross Site Scripting

vulnerability let attacker execute malicious js scripts

5 entries

Open Redirect

unrestricted user redirects.

1 entry

Server Side Request Forgery

Attacker can launch requests from the vulnerable server to internal servers

1 entry

SQL Injection

Inject malicious queries to get/modify/delete data from your database.

1 entry

XML External Entitites

Dangerous parsing of XML files

1 entry

Unrestricted File Upload

Unrestricted file upload

1 entry

Malicuious package

Malicious package infection

1 entry

Local File Inclusion

Leak files and information by exploiting internal inclusion

1 entry

Command Injection

Remote code execution via injecting commands/code.

1 entry